Here are the Projects

  • Optimized GPU mining GIG for solar panel electric power system.
  • In house GPU mining RIG for apartment flats and residences.

Sun Rising Project

As we live on this earth rich in nature resources, we are also now facing major changes. As Japanese, we will launch the Rising SUN project to create an autonomous and decentralized society that will throw a stone in Japanese society after the corona disaster. This project provides an environment where people can live financially independently and with peace of mind. It can also be used as a place for creative activities that enable a healthy and long-lived society and self-realization. We will introduce the details of the project, Ideal Island.

What is social independence?

In order for people to be socially independent, they need an environment that satisfies Physiological Needs.

  • Air
  • Drinking water
  • Food (agricultural products)
  • Residence
  • Electricity
  • Gas

And those that satisfy the desire for safety and security. In other words, it is a mechanism to provide family members, trusted friends, reliable income sources, jobs, etc.

A healthy and long-life Environment

In modern society, various physical and mental stresses force the sympathetic nerves to live a major life. These are major factors that impair health. By realizing an economically stable society, Ideal Island will realize a life centered on parasympathetic nerves, create a space, and free you from the conventional stress society. As a result, a healthy and long-life environmental society will emerge.

Creative activities born from "comfort" of your Mind

The desire for self-actualization is possible from the "comfort" that arises from the living environment that is mainly parasympathetic. Ideal Island provides an environment where such self-actualization is possible, such as creative activities that make effective use of the brain, creative projects, and social contributions.

An autonomous decentralized society that realizes economic independence

There are three pillars.

  • Enrichment of clothing, food and housing
  • Securing economically stable regular income
  • Future-oriented asset formation

Virtual space that realizes remote work

(160 square meters, (5LDK + V) residence)
  • 5LDKV
  • V = Virtual. A workplace where remote work can be easily performed in a virtual space.
  • A VR room with a large 8K screen wall installed in all directions.

You can work smoothly with the city center.

Optimized Mining Features

  • Optimized mining RIGs configuration

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  • Unique mining operation management method

  • Daytime operation with solar panel power: 3H + 2H (by LiB).
  • Operate Rx5600TX GPU RIG for 0.5 MWatt.
  • Midnight operation (10PM to 8AM): 10H + 1H (by LiB).
  • = 1.0MWatt RX5600TX GPU RIG is operated.
  • Working hours per day are (4H + 2H (using LiB) 0.5MWatt) / (10H + 1H (using LiB) 1.0MWatt).
  • = 14.0 hours, equivalent to operation with 1.0 MWatt mining RIG.
  • Operation is suspended during free time. Or, use it for maintenance.

  • Potential Location of Idea Island

  • Autonomous decentralized detached house in Hokkaido Island Japan
  • Facility:
  • 10MWatt Solar panel power generation facility (also used for wind power generation with Option)
  • 10M Watt Optimized GPU Mining RIGs
  • 10M Watt LiB (Lithium Ion Battery)
  • 40 Acres space site
  • Joint farmland (10Ha)
  • 160m2 residences x 200 units
  • Detached house price for sale: 400K USD (excluding tax), annual yield 40,000USD

    Community Creation

  • In this project (New Social Village), which forms dozens to hundreds of detached villages, the social infrastructure that forms the community of the living family will be realized by remote service.
    1. Schools
    2. Medical facilities, long-term care, Hospitals
    3. Shopping
    4. Communication
    5. Electrical & Gas
  • In the After Corona era, most social activities can be completed remotely.
  • Social activities and social contributions are possible with an eye.