Our Aim for Mining Optimization

Our aim of optimizing the cryptocurrency mining software is to enhance the hash rates by utilizing full specifications of an installed mining hardware/rig through optimizing the default mining source code to increase the rate of profitability or reward.


DTS INC. Provides You Following Cryptocurrencies Optimized Mining Software

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Publication the paper at IEEE GCCE 2018.Implementation of L3 cache into CPU miner program

Blockchain performance was enhanced by L3 cache memory

Patent of DTS L3 Cache by Prof. Dr. Hiro Takahashi

Ethereum AMD VEGA56 GPU optimization result

  • We examine the hash rate of Ethereum AMD VEGA56 GPU at Pakistan machine on Windows 10 in Pakistan compare original pool mining result to L2 Optimization.
  • Algorithm: Ethash
  • Average Default Mining Result (HDD – Ethminer): 30.76403 Mhash/s
  • Average L2 Optimized Mining Result (HDD - Ethminer): 53.203206 Mhash/s
  • Price 141.26 USD in DEC 209

Low power consumption results

  • Default setting is 164Watt
  • DTS Optimized setting is

power consumption is 102Watt compare 164Watt default setting. It is 62.19% power consumption from default value.