Hello! I'm Prof. Dr. Hiro Takahashi

  • Ph.D. of Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • MOT from Tokyo University of Science
  • Visiting Researcher at University of Tokyo (Human environment department)
  • Visiting Professor in NUST SEECS (Islamabad)
  • Professor at Junnha University for Women (Karachi)
  • Professor at Greenwich University (Karachi)
  • Assoc. Professor at DHA Suffa University (Karachi)
  • Assoc. Professor at Preston University (Karachi)
  • Honorary investment counselor Board of Investment, Prime Minister’s Secretariat of Pakistan
  • Environment planner / DBSJ member
  • IEEE Senior member/ IEICE member / IPSJ member /HL7 member

Prof. Hiro Takahashi

Research topics :

Data Transmission System (DTS), Autonomous Decentralized Multi Layered Cache System. Original Blockchain, Voting Blockchain, Blockchain hash rate optimization, AI. (Image detection), data analysis, Ontology categorization, Decentralized Secure sharing.